Monday, October 13, 2008

We just got back from a wonderful cruise that took us to several new countries in the Black Sea and a visit to the Holy Lands. It was an amazing experience, and we made it home safely with the exception of my ankle, which I will explain later. The itinerary was as follows:

Day 1: Piraeus, Greece
Day 2: Istanbul, Turkey
Day 3: Istanbul, Turkey
Day 4: Varna, Bulgaria
Day 5: Odessa, Ukraine
Day 6: Constanta, Romania
Day 7: At sea
Day 8: At sea
Day 9: Haifa, Israel
Day 10: Limassol, Cyprus
Day 11: Alexandria, Egypt
Day 12: At sea
Day 13: Piraeus, Greece

Here is a link to some family photos we took on the ship. Yes, I did not shave the entire time on the cruise, so I look horrible but the family looked so nice that I had to add them. I will post more pictures very soon. I am still trying to catch up at work and at home!


Blogger JJ said...

I finally went on my laptop so I could see your pictures. (my desktop has issues). Your trips are all so fabulous!!! I'll just live vicariously through you :-) I love your family pictures too. Good looking family!!

11:09 PM  

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